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  A Good Producer Is Often The Backbone Of A Good Song... Producing an artist is a multifaceted job that may include building ideas for a project, coaching and encouraging the artist(s) during recording, supervising the mixing and mastering process, scheduling sessions, working with financing, handling negotiations and otherwise sculpting and executing the group’s efforts within a bigger picture. These days, the modern definition of a “producer” falls under the title of “beat-maker.” In this regard, producers range from classic names like George Martin and Quincy Jones, to modern beat-makers like Swizz Beats, RJD2 and 9th Wonder. A true producer goes beyond that; he will organize and supervise the production of a song from start to finish.

   At Sanctified Sound, we offer experienced engineers, beat makers, and producers that are versed in the finer aspects of achieving a great recording. We pride ourselves in our work, and work within our best efforts to put quality performance alongside optimal sound, leading to a polished mix and an amazing, professional result.

Sanctified Sound has some of the hottest producers in the surrounding areas, with the lowest prices around!

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~Distribution Limit (2000 Copies)

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~Duration: Permanent

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~ Unlimited License

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~ Unlimited Commercial Use (album, mixtape, iTunes, radio, YouTube,  Performance, etc.)

~Unlimited Distribution

~Sanctified Sound Maintains Full Rights

~Duration: Permanent

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