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Sanctified Sound, LLC

Recording Artist Coaching and Development

Recording Artist Coaching Packages

You can schedule a 120-minute intensive counseling session devoted solely to your career. Ask anything! All questions are welcome. What have you always wanted to know about the music industry, but were too afraid to ask? We have answers, and we’ll give it to you straight.


Assessment Package

BIO ASSESSMENT: We will review your bio and other documents. We will advise improvements to make it more appealing to press, radio, booking agents, and the publishing communities.

SOCIAL MEDIA/WEBSITE ASSESSMENT: We will analyze your web site, Facebook Page and other social media assets and advise you on adjustments to make them all more effective. We will also suggest tips on how to broaden the reach and further engage your fans.

LIVE PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT We will assess the video of your live performances and advises on set flow, stage presence and image, song transition, etc.

MUSIC/SONG ASSESSMENT: We will assess three (3) of your songs and advises on production, radio potential, album/performance placement, etc.

*Includes [1] 2-Hour Phone Coaching (If Needed)


Developmental Package

RECORDING ARTIST TOOLKIT:  Contains Contact Info for Festivals and Carnivals, Templates for Promotional Press Releases, Marketing Plan, Artist CD Release Timetable, etc. 

ADDITIONAL PRODUCTION REFERRALS: We will recommends producers, mixing, and mastering studios who can help get your material radio ready, and competitive for online and offline retailers (additional fees for producers will be required/negotiated).

REMIXING REFERRALS: We will refer you to remixing producers and studios who can help put together remixes of your songs to service, and to offer as free downloads to fans, use as web content, etc. (additional fees for remixing producers will be required/negotiated).

ONLINE DISTRIBUTION SET-UP: We will walk you through making your music available for purchase on iTunes, AmazonMP3 and other online media stores.

OFFLINE MEDIA PACKAGING: We will advise and work with you to package marketing materials for offline promotions.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOSHOOT: We will set-up and provide you with professional photographers that will capture the images that you will need for your online/offline promotional materials.


*Includes Assessment Package and Phone Coaching       ****Payment Plans Available (Only For This Option)****


Establishment Package

Designed for artists who we feel are ready to implement an online/offline/radio media marketing and promotion campaign

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: We will offering referrals to independent radio promotion companies and online publicity/PR firms who would best fit the project. We will oversee the weekly efforts, ensuring the intended goals are reached, personally filling any gaps regarding relationships with radio and press where needed.

**This package does not include the fees for the radio promo / PR firms. You should expect to pay, on average, $1000/mo. for PR and $750/mo. for radio promo – and we will introduce you to the appropriate firms best suited for your music**

A&R/PUBLISHER/BOOKING AGENCY REFERRALS: We will keep the A&R, publishing, and booking agency communities informed of the progress you’re making with radio, press, and film/TV.

*Includes 60-Minute Conference Calls or Office Visits      *Negotiated booking dates will coincide with payment schedule