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Frequently Asked Questions: Recording Studio

How much is studio time?

     We do not charge by the hour, but by the project. Every artist is different, and their needs and budgets are different. We treat each artist individually. So, whatever you are looking to do, we plan out a personalized package around your budget that will help you attain your goal.

How do I book a session?

     We have set up a system where our clients book themselves. In the middle of the "HOME" page of this website, click the green button that says "Book Now". Click the option of the service you are looking for, and our schedule will appear. Choose the day/time that coincides with your schedule. Add your contact info. Once you confirm the appointment, you will receive a confirmation. Also, you will receive a reminder text 24 hours before your appointment.

When do I pay the deposit and balance?

      Partial payments are required to book a session. Balances are due at the end of your final session, unless payment arrangements have been approved. No mix or rough mix recordings will be provided with-out full payment.

How do I make payments?

     Cash and Credit Cards are accepted. We also take transfers from PayPal or Cash App.

Not in town? On the bottom of the "CONTACT US" page is where our client can make payments when they are away from the studio.

What recording platform do you use?

     We work with ProTools, Logic, and Studio One. If you have a session from any one of those platforms that you want to bring with you or send to us, we can work with it.

What format should my music be in?

      We can import wav (.wav) and MP3 (.mp3) files, which can be brought in on CD or USB. We can not use windows media (.wma) files because they are not compatible with our computer. Stem files (individual tracks) of your songs can be brought in and imported as well.

Can you arrange session musicians or singers to help me out with some parts?

     Yes, tell us what you need and we can arrange it for you. We can arrange producers, programers, piano players, bass players, guitarists, rappers, and back-up singers. Rates vary depending on the specific musician and what your requirements are.

Please, don't forget that this can be expensive, as freelance performance rates are very different and on top of studio rates.

Can we make samples from or record ('cover') another band's song?

     Yes, but should you wish to sell this recording later you will need to get a Mechanical License for permission from the song's publisher.

What is mixing?

      Mixing is the process of blending the volumes of all the tracks together so everything can be heard equally. Recording, editing and mixing can be done on the same day, however we do not recommend that. After hours of recording, ear fatigue can set in, which limits the ability to hear various elements of the recording. We find that editing and mixing on a separate day after recording provides our clients with the best results. ***Updates and Corrections after mix is submitted: Only 3 Times***

Can I be there while the songs are being mixed?

      We have found that having people in the studio during mixing tends to lead to conversations that interfere with the mixing process. We will happily provide a rough mix to listen to so you can decide what changes need to be made before the final mix is completed.

What is mastering?

      Mastering is the process of preparing and transferring all of the stereo version of all the songs that have been mixed. All of the mixed tracks are re-imported into the computer to be compressed and equalized (EQ) and then the volume of each song is balanced so that the album has a consistent sound.