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Sanctified Sound, LLC

Recording Artist Coaching and Development

Frequently Asked Questions: Career Coaching

Can you really help me? How?
      Yes we can. Either as a producer we can work with you in the studio, or as a recording artist coach, we can walk with you through each step of your journey. We care about you and really want to see you succeed. We can also work with you as a coach by the day or on a month to month basis.

Will you listen to my recording?
     Yes. If you’d like a professional critique, we offer coaching services that will help you decide where your songs are from a developmental standpoint.

Do you sign recording artists?
      No, we don't sign recording artists to a recording deal. We provide very high-end artist coaching and development, and production specifically services for Christian artists. We offer other services as a marketing umbrella to the artists we develop and produce.

Do I need to have a Single, E.P. or Album right now?
      It depends on what your goals are. Having a CD allows you to leave a part of your ministry at every function or service you serve. It will also become a ministry tool on its own long after you have ministered in person. A CD is in many ways something that gives you legitimacy as an recording artist. You can tell people that you are a singer or a songwriter... but until you put a product in their hands, you’re just a nice person who says they can sing. The biggest reason for making a project is to have a product to sell and to generate funds for your ministry. While money should not be your motivating factor, it is important to have some funds to put back into the ministry.

Will you produce my music?
     Yes. We will work to help you create a music product that will sell and support your music and ministry, but we work strictly on a “for hire” basis. We also DO NOT work for free or in hopes of you becoming “famous” or getting a recording contract with a Major label. We definitely are able to help you get to the next level, or from dream to reality.