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Sanctified Sound, LLC

Recording Artist Coaching and Development

How To Submit Your Videos To Be Aired on UnitTV

Each video contract will last for 30 day cycles and be reviewed for renewal with the artist/label on a monthly basis. This is in place to insure that we are staying up-to-date with the latest and best quality content available that will give artists the best available outcome.

This opportunity is also open for local Christian Recording Artists to be interviewed, local Christian Music Award shows to be aired, local Christian ministries to be spotlighted, as well as a host of other opportunities.


Christian Rock, Gospel, CCM, Christian Pop, Christian Hip-Hop/Rap, Christian R&P, etc.

* Music video must be well-produced, professional and ready for inclusion in television programming.
* Artists must own all copyrights--please no unclear samples or covers (for copyright purposes). Only Official Original Music Videos.

* A YouTube link to your music video (for our producers to approve).
* An HD Quality file of your video for FTP upload (if selected by producers for broadcast).

Sanctified Sound, LLC and WLFT staff will review the music videos submitted. The videos that match the submission criteria will then be approved for a 30 day cycle with worldwide rotation. Once selected, Sanctified Sound, LLC will then provide the usage agreement and FTP upload information from the producer directly to the artist to complete the process and get the video into rotation. The agreement will be reviewed every cycle to renew or discontinue the rotation.